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Word Maze - what I'm learning about writing

The second season of Word Maze is all about writing fiction.

Pilar abandoned NaNoWriMo but is continuing with her story. Writing, struggling, reading (favourite mode of procrastination) and podcasting her journey. 

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May 19, 2019

Why do we write? I struggled so much during the re-write that I almost threw it all away and gave up this "I want to write fiction" thing.

Why I didn't:

  • I hate dropping stuff before giving it a proper go - that's why I went to drama school
  • I'm learning a lot
  • I know that what I'm doing is hard, so if I get through it,...

May 5, 2019

Pilar updates listeners on her writing retreat and how it's difficult to explain to people who don't write that writing is not driven by inspiration.

She shares her struggle with technique and the bad writing habits she's discovered.

This episode's wisdom is on using dialogue as exposition, borrowed from Into the...

Mar 24, 2019

I've finally received some feedback, at a micro and macro level.

Lots to think about regarding character, supporting characters and the level of trauma the character is carrying with her at the beginning of the story, and what's triggered by the inciting incident.

I recommend episode 456 of the Helping Writers become...

Mar 17, 2019

Today I share how I'm struggled to write a scene which was hard for the character to go through. 

The writing journal has been very useful in identifying where I need to pay attention to next in the story.

How shall I incorporate all the subplots into the ending?


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Mar 10, 2019

Having never "journaled" before, Pilar has started a writing journal to help her identify the bits that need fixing.

She came across this idea when listening to the podcast How do you write? with Rachel Herron


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