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Word Maze - what I'm learning about writing

The second season of Word Maze is all about writing fiction.

Pilar abandoned NaNoWriMo but is continuing with her story. Writing, struggling, reading (favourite mode of procrastination) and podcasting her journey. 

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Jan 13, 2019

In today's episode:

Pilar shares how to get into the habit of writing, and how to be aware of the context that helps you to do your best writing. Advice from Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brand

She's heard some wonderful advice over at the Story Grid podcast on how to pick up a book you're writing after being away...

Jan 6, 2019

Another short episode:

Pilar mentions a device she quite liked from Duel en Ville

How she's started working with an editor through

She recommends Nick Hornby's novel 'Juliet Naked'.

Link to books on writing:

Pilar's site:

Dec 9, 2018

When writer's block comes from not wanting to dive into the emotional world I'm trying to create...

There is of course the voice that whispers, will they believe the superhero story you're trying to create? Actually, it doesn't matter that much, as I've seen watching Contact, a French TV series.

I've changed the plot...

Dec 2, 2018

Well, I really wish my characters had a life of their own and were destroying my plot, but, it's not really happening - though, as I was recording for this episode, I realised that yes, one of them has thrown in something unexpected. 

Today's quoted books:

Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction by Patricia...

Nov 25, 2018

I've discovered some of the reasons why it's been so hard to get writing today - I hope it's of some use to you too!

But it's not all about how difficult I'm finding it, I also have some advice about when to use dialogue - or what to look out for when you're editing. 

I mention the book Write a Novel and Get it...